How to lose weight and get in shape?

ultrasonic liposuction cavitation 30min $75

ultrasonic liposuction cavitation 60min $128

ultrasonic liposuction cavitation 75min $198

ultrasonic liposuction cavitation 90min $258

Ultrasonic cavitation slimming instrument adopts the latest scientific and technology that can provide effective treatments for stubborn cellulite and orange peel fat. An ultrasonic cavitation generator is based on the resonance of pressure waves, it gives a safe, and non-surgical option for body shape goals.

The technique uses low-frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound waves are conducted through the skin, penetrate directly into the adipose tissue, and break it up into small pieces causing micro-bubbles that turn fat into a liquid substance (this phenomenon is called cavitation). The liquid is then easily taken out of the body by human lymphatic and urinary systems.

Being integrated with the most advanced RF technology, the instrument can directly reach the deep-seated fat layer with the incisive positioning ability of RF.

In the fast-active state fat cell tissue may generate friction heat, increase local temperature and remove excess fat and toxin from the body through the sweat gland, enterohepatic circulation and lymph Ultimately achieving the effect of dissolving fat.

With controlled depth technology, inlaid diamond particles of different sizes may rub skin along its pattern, adjust suction strength by means of vacuum draw and contact with strong negative pressure force to directly explode thick fat.

The effects are very obvious: Enhance blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat take away wastes, enhance the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improve the state of areolar tissue, remove stubborn fat and improve the sufficient absorption condition of diet products.

Ultrasonic liposuction: It is a liposuction method that uses the physical and chemical effects of high-energy low-frequency ultrasound to selectively destroy subcutaneous fat tissue, generate fat emulsion, and then use negative pressure suction to extract it out of the body. It liquefies the fat cells and then extracts them. , the fat layer that can be suctioned is larger, and both superficial and deep fat can be suctioned. After surgery, the skin surface is more even and smooth, with no unevenness, less bruises and edema, and the recovery period is shorter.

Losing weight is not only to lose weight, but also to prevent possible future diseases and rapid aging! Make your choice and start taking action! For a better tomorrow!